Meet our Patients

Our Client Family: Meet Wayne

When 82-year-old Wayne tragically lost his leg after being run over by a backhoe last year, doctors told his wife, Carol, and their son that this man, whose smile lights up a room, may not make it. Wayne had lost 9 pints of blood, and doctors felt it was time to "pull the plug" on his life support. His family knew better, and responded by saying, “He's a fighter. He is going to pull through."

When Wayne eventually came out of a coma-like state, he was told he had lost his leg and would never walk again. Every bone had been shattered; he described the terror of seeing the bones come through his pant legs when the accident happened.

 But even though he was conscious and coherent, the doctors had little hope in his ability to enjoy any kind of mobility again. "He was told he wouldn't even be a candidate for a prosthetic leg because the other leg wasn't strong enough,” said Carol.

 However, anyone who knows Wayne knows that he doesn’t give up. He started physical therapy at MOST in Millbrook, and regained his strength thanks to Bill BreMiller, DPT. He said that a combination of physical therapy, and his unwavering love for his wife, kept him optimistic. So he kept going. Although his doctors said his leg strength would never improve much, his hip got strong enough to begin exploring options for a prosthetic leg... and he got it.

 In early July, Wayne walked for the first time ever wearing the prosthetic leg with no brace on the other leg. Carol's eyes teared up as he walked. It was a deeply moving experience for everyone in the room, a moment which reminds us of the power of love and the rewards of perseverance.

 Wayne says, "I am going to keep fighting because one day I want to dance with my wife again."

 We love having this wonderful couple as part of our client family at MOST Physical Therapy.


Our Client Family: Meet Mike

 When 65-year-old Mike Eades of Poughkeepsie was growing up, he loved to run, but there was no track team at his home school. So the ambitious young man created a petition, got dozens of signatures, and launched the very first track team for Millbrook High School.

 The beloved superstar athlete went on to secure recognition as part of the Millbrook High School and Dutchess County YMCA Hall of Fame rosters.

 Unfortunately, in 1976, Mike was the victim of a hit-and-run accident, which left him paralyzed from the chest down.

 By 1990, he wanted a physical therapist who could help him stay limber, feel as strong as possible, and maintain his signature positive attitude. He knew just the right person: one of his high school track teammates, Bill BreMiller.

 Bill was preparing to open MOST Physical Therapy, and Mike signed on as Bill’s very first patient in April 1990. This reconnected the two friends and set the stage for a long-term relationship that has allowed Bill to once again be part of Mike’s team.

 Since that time, Mike credits Bill and his physical therapy practice the quality of life he enjoys today. “I am stronger and more able to keep motivated because of Bill. He gives me exercises I can do at home and it’s hard to believe that we have known each other as long as we have.”

 Their relationship has, indeed, given Mike so much. And it all started with a high school track team in Millbrook.

 Today, Mike has far outlived the typical life expectancy of most quadriplegics; not only does this have something to do with Bill’s expert abilities as a physical therapist, but also with a friendship based on longevity, loyalty, and optimism.

 We are so grateful to have Mike as part of our client family at MOST Physical Therapy.