Headache Therapy

Treating Chronic Headaches, Migraines & More

We’ve all had a headache at some point or another. But, for millions of Americans, headaches are an everyday occurrence. They can turn into a chronic problem that brings daily pain. If you experience regular headaches, MOST is here to offer relief.

Headaches have a variety of causes including stress, muscle tension, poor posture, bad sleeping habits or lack of strength in muscles that support the head, neck and shoulders. MOST has developed a program with a proven track record to help relieve your pain.

Headache Therapy Program

The first thing your MOST physical therapist will do is conduct an evaluation to rule out a serious cause for your headache. This is done in collaboration with your physician to determine the cause of your headaches. Your shoulders, neck and head will be evaluated because a majority of headaches are caused by tension or musculoskeletal deficiencies in these areas. Your physical therapist will note any movement problems or tension.

Your physical therapist will develop a program based on the results of your evaluation. Often, these programs will consist of your therapists providing various types of massage. Stretching exercises help restore normal movement and flexibility to the impacted area. Your program will also include home exercises and relaxation techniques designed to help you continue making progress at home.

In some cases, low-level laser therapy may be used to reduce inflammation. This allows your nerves to function more effectively, which helps you heal faster, reduce tension and get rid of pain.

Start Your Headache Therapy Today

If you’re looking for pain relief caused by chronic headaches and migraines, let MOST help you. Contact us to find out more about how we can develop a program to help your headaches go away.