COVID-19 Policies

New York Stated deemed outpatient Physical Therapy as an “essential” service and we will continue to be serving our patients. We are making every effort to reasonably assure it is safe to come to MOST Physical Therapy for patients and staff. We have implemented new policies outlined below, and will continue to update them as the situation evolves. Please understand that these policies are designed to protect anyone entering the office. We will be diligent in protecting you but there is no guarantee you will not be exposed. We are screening all patients and staff for symptoms, but we also ask you NOT to come to PT if you have any symptoms that might be related to COVID-19.

If you still need Physical Therapy but are unable to go to one of the offices, we have options to connect you with a Physical Therapist via our telehealth services.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We are maximizing social distancing among staff and patients

  • Patients will be treated in private rooms whenever possible
  • Chairs have been removed from the waiting room to avoid patients sitting closer than 6 feet together
  • All patients are being scheduled in 45 minute time slots so that patients do not overlap
  • All patients will be kept at least 6 feet away from one another when using equipment in the open areas of the clinic
  • Treatment tables in the open clinic areas are spread out so they are at least 6 feet away from each other
  • Staff are working in split shifts to reduce interaction among staff and decrease the overall volume of people in the clinic
  • To reduce interaction with the front desk staff we have lines to maintain social distance, are scheduling appointments out in advance, and working to reduce cash transactions
  • No additional visitors will be allowed in the clinic besides the patient unless there is an extenuating circumstance

Everyone entering the building will be screened

  • All employees will have their temperature taken every work shift
  • All patients will be asked several questions about potential symptoms and have their temperature taken prior to beginning treatment
  • Anyone with a temperature >99.9 degrees will be asked to leave

Hand washing is mandatory for staff and patients

  • All clinicians must wash their hands and wrists vigorously before and after each patient encounter
  • All patients will be directed to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before beginning treatment

All staff will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks and gloves

  • Patients are required to wear masks per New York State guidelines. Masks are available for patients upon request.

All equipment will be thoroughly and regularly disinfected

  • The treatment area will be thoroughly disinfected after each patient, without exception
  • All equipment used during treatment (cardio equipment, hand or ankle weights, resistance bands, pulleys, etc.) will be disinfected immediately after each use
  • Waiting room chairs, doorknobs, and bathrooms will be cleaned regularly